Meme – 25 random facts

Eu recebi esse meme pelo Facebook, de uma amiga canadense. Não só postei por la, como gostei tanto que resolvi colocar aqui pra vocês também. Espero que todos saibam ler em inglês, porquê estou sem o mínimo ânimo pra traduzir todos esses vinte e cinco fatos aleatórios sobre a minhs pessoa. 😛

1) Altough I do believe in a Higher Being (you may call it God), in Heaven, in Hell, in angels, in post-death life and in reincarnation, I totally despise the idea of RELIGIONS, per se.
2) Whenever I remember my childhood – and I see myself as a kid, doing something -, I can’t relate myself to that little person. I usually feel it like that is someone else’s memory that was put inside my brain.
3) I have a really love-hate feelling towards humankind. In general, I see us as the dumbest animal alive, always paying attention and putting effort in things that really don’t matter. But there are times when I feel like we have yet so much to learn, and to conquer… And that gives me hope.
4) I have a real problem liking old people. I tend to avoid any type of contact with them, but when necessary, I am always nice. That sometimes include my own family, but not always. Guess they just make me feel uncomfortable, being so fragile and sick – almost all the time.
5) I completely ADORE babies. They’re just the cutest thing! 😀
6) Favorite animals: Orcas, wolfs, big cats (especially Snow Leopard and Cheetah), and hawks.
7) Favorite color: Green. With red, orange and black closely by.
8 ) The Brazilian flag is the most beautiful one. The matching colors are perfect!
9) I don’t see myself getting married. At least not in a church, or something like that. I do see myself with kids, though! Guess I’ll just have to adopt. 😛
10) My first kiss was when I was 14, and my first "love-making time" was with 19. Altough there was no love involved. And it was at Disney! So much for the magic, eh? 😉
11) I do play guitar and bass. I once had piano lessons, but don’t remember a single thing anymore.
12) I’m graduating in advertising. Which is fun, ‘cause I’ve grown a hard feelling against it. I just think it’s such a waste of human effort. We should be focusing in things that really matter for the whole Earth population.
13) The thought of killing myself has crossed my mind a few times. Especially when I stop to thing about what humankind has become.
14) I am really waiting for something big and important to happen at 2012. Hmmm, I guess HOPING is the right word here…
15) During my adolescence time, I was in constantly move from city to city. That affected me in a way that now I find really hard to keep friendships.
16) Except in a few weird days of the year, I’d rather stay at home and watch some good movies. In those weird few days, I could choose on going to a club or a bar, and just watch people living their lifes.
17) Whenever you say the words "JAPANESE FOOD", or show me pictures of it, my mouth will get full of water. No matter what I’ve just eaten, my appetite will come back!
18) One of my favorite things to do is to watch the sky. No matter if it’s day or night, looking at the star/clouds always make my day. 🙂
19) I once had this plan of studying marine biology, and then especializing in marine mammals. One day I changed it all to graduate in advertising. Well, you see how that turned out in number 12, right?
20) I once had a chinese hamster, named Zeus. He died while I was working at Disney, and I never had a chance to say goodbye to him.
21) I have this crazy HUGE crush on brunettes girls with blue or green eyes. It’s insane!
22) People tend to think I’m gay. Got used to it, and I really don’t care what other people think about that. I know what I like! 😉
23) I totally despise any form of fisical agression. Almost lost a really good friend once because of my radical believes about this.
24) I have a dream of moving to Montreal, Canada. And live there for the rest of my – in this body – life.
25) I really HATE when people take me too seriously. Life’s about having fun. Take a good laugh at some of this stuff that you just read, but don’t ever think that I didn’t meant it. 😉

Qualquer dia desses eu dou uma editada e coloco esse texto em bom português. Enquanto isso, treine seu inglês. 😉

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